Saturday, September 26, 2015

Running the Health Check Utility to Verify Basic System Requirements before installing IDM

This lab describe the prerequisite for deploying Oracle Identity and Access Management. Before deploying Oracle IDM Health Check Utility to Verify Basic System Requirements. Please see the steps below for the same.

1) Copy the healthcheck utility folder from previous the previous environment.
Navigate to "<OIM_HOME>/healthcheck"

 2) Paste this folder inside the drive in which you are installing IDM. For ex. D drive. Navigate to "healthcheck/bin" and run the following command idmhc.bat -manifest D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_IDM1\healthcheck\config\PreInstallChecks_mandatory_manual.xml as shown in figure. Please run the command as per your environment and change the directory according to it. Make sure none of them should be in failed and error state.

3) Now run PreInstallChecks_optional.xml from the same location you have run PreInstallChecks_mandatory_manual.xml as shown in figure below

4) Now run PreInstallChecks_mandatory.xml as shown in figure below.

5) If any of your plugin got error or failed, navigate to
and look for the latest .html file and open it. It will show you the error or failed component and reason for its failure

6) From figure above just see the failure component and it reason. The solution is also provided there itself. Apply it and run the command again until you get all the success message.

Note: When you first time copy the healthcheck folder it does not contain logs folder inside bin. This folder gets created once you run the command for first time.

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