Monday, September 24, 2012

OIM 11G R2 Lab 4: Provisioning User to Oracle Database

1)  Login to sysadm console -> Select Generic Connector 

 2) Select Create
 3) Before selecting Transport provider and Format provider, place Database Connector(Database_App_Tables_9. in Middleware_Home\Oracle_IDM1\server\ConnectorDefaultDirectory folder and install it using Manage Connector. After DB connector installation you can find option "Database Application Tables Provisioning"
 4) Before proceeding to Step 5 need to create user and Table in database. Below image shows queries for creation of table, insertion into table, (skip), Creating user in database, grating privileges to user, commit. (first create user and grant privileges followed by table creation and insertion)

5) Provide DB details as shown below

 6)  Verify and click Close.

 7) Verify all the values and click Save
 8) Select Get Lock (This is not compulsory step)
 9) Create Sandbox and activate it.

 10) Create Application Instance.

 11) Provide details as shown below. ( Need to create IT Resource with DB details and Form)

12) Publish Sandbox

 13) Go to Scheduler
 14) Run "Catalog Synchronization Job"
 15) Verify that it runs Successfully.

Go to Identity Console and Provision User to DB. (refer from Step 12 in Step 18 instead of Network account Select Database Accounts)

Verify DB if user got created or not.

Thanks !!!


  1. Hi,

    I have done all the process exactly as mentioned above now while checking out I got an error message
    "IAM-2050243 : Orchestration process with id 463, failed with error message null."

    What is the problem .... can you please help on this


  2. Hi Ritesh,

    Did you create ITResource and verify all parameters in ITResource and make sure that they are correct.

    Thanks !!

  3. Hi Chinni,

    Yes I have already created the ITResource.
    But no success.

    Steps I followed are as follows

    1. Created user and granted all privileges
    2. Created a table
    3. Created a Generic Connector using a new user and table.
    4. Created an IT resource with new user.
    and all the steps as mentioned above in this tutorial but during catalog checking out I am facing the issue . I have done twice all the process to make sure I am on the right track, but still no success.



    1. Hi Ritesh,

      What was the error you are facing during catalog checkout? is it throwing any error? or not provisioning user?


  4. Hi Chinni,

    Actually I am getting error during submission of form after check out.
    And the error message is

    "IAM-2050243 : Orchestration process with id 463, failed with error message null."

  5. Hi Rithesh,

    Orchestration error is due to unknown state of SOA Server. Is your SOA Server running? if yes please check its state in em console and if is unknown/not running please start it. And try to restart all servers and make sure that all servers are in running state before doing above procedure.


  6. Hi Chinni,

    All Managed server is up and running. But the problem is still there.


  7. Hi Ritesh,

    Did you verify server status in emconsole(http://:7001/em) some times servers will be up and running be connections between servers may have broken. And if OIM server unable to contact SOA server then it will throw following type of error. so please verify status in em console.

    Thanks !!!

  8. Hi Chinni,

    Thanks for the replies, and I will definitely try to check, but mean while I have started to sync the OID 11.1.6 to OIM 11g R2.

    Need to know the steps with simple parameters to sync OID and OIM and do the provisioning.

    Till now I have followed this[on linux red hat 5]:
    1. Already my system has OIM 11g R2 and configured in weblogic
    2. Installed OID and congigured it with weblogic
    3. Configured OIM 11g R2 with LDAP sync.
    4. Created an IT Resource for Directory Server.
    5. Created a user

    and here I recieved a message
    "LDAP create event failed : Unable to get LDAP connection, and the root cause is - Failed to get connection , Incorrect ITResource."

    so i need a proper step by step process to sync OID with OIM


  9. Hi Chinni,

    I have created a user successfully and added resource accounts to the user.

    But in the status column of resource accounts it is showing status as "Provisioning".

    And also I haven't found that user in the table newly created.

    What is wrong here , i have scheduled the scheduler as well.

    Can you please help me on this.

  10. Hi Chinni,

    I am working on Pre Populated Adapters from some days and Unable to assign a custom adapter to any form field.

    I have a form created using Database Web App Connector (GTC) as given in Database Provisioning in this Page.

    And followed this link to create and assign a pre populated adapter to the created form.

    But At last it is not working.

    Can you please help me on this.

    1. I need to know which type of form is needed like resource form or Process Form
    2. How to Assign a pre populated adapter to that form.

    If possible please provide me steps.


  11. I am trying to integrate OIM with OID but got stuck up with the following error

    Wonder if you could kindly comment. on it. Appreciate the response.

    while running the OID Connector Group Lookup Reconciliation task

    I am getting this error

    Bundle oimjar://local:0ldapbp.jar is missing required attribute

    I ‘ve done the Pre & Post installation task of the connector software ( without any Issue.

    Here is the IT resource Details and Parameters that i configured.

    Parameter Value

    Configuration Lookup Lookup.OID.Configuration

    Connector Server Name

    baseContexts "dc=oracle,dc=com"

    credentials ********



    port 3060

    principal cn=orcladmin

    ssl false

    also Extracted ldap.jar and ldapbp.jar

    from the lib directory of and copied these two jar files to

    the $OIM_ORACLE_HOME/server/ThirdParty directory AND run the all without any issue.

    Also there is no issue with OID server as the ldapbind is successful
    Could you tell what am missing here.



  12. Hi Priya,

    Can you send me which document you are following and also version?


  13. Where i can find the same steps for R1.

  14. Puneet,

    I currently don't have steps for R1, it should be pretty similar except the look and feel.



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