Friday, September 18, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 IDM Suite installation

In this lab we are going to see the steps to install IDM Suite for OIM 11GR2 PS3. For overview of the steps click here.

Note: Here we are assuming that you have installed the databaseweblogic,  SOA and created the schema by running the RCU. Also java is already installed

Lets see the steps to install IDM i.e OIM Suite.

1) Unzip the software and navigate to Disk1. Copy the path to command prompt and run the command as shown in figure.

2) Installation wizard will start click Next .

3) Select Skip Software updates and click Next.

4) All prerequisite checks should pass. After that click Next.

5) From the drop down select Middle ware Home and provide the Home directory name and click Next.

6) On the screen click Install.

7) Wait for installation to complete 100%. Once done click Next.

8) At last click Finish.

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