Friday, September 18, 2015

OIM 11G R2 PS3 Installation Steps

In this lab we are going to see the steps for the installation of OIM 11GR2 PS3. For software version click here.
High Level Steps are:

Lets see each step one by one:
Installation of database:

1) Click on the setup.exe.

2) On the Welcome Wizard uncheck the checkbox ans click Next.

3) Select "Create and Configure a database" option and click Next

4) Select Desktop Class and click Next. 

 5) Provide the DATABASE NAME,PASSWORD and also character Set as “Unicode (AL32UTF8)”and click on “NEXT”.

6) Wait for pre-requisite check to pass. Click Finish.

7) Installation Wizard will start and will prompt following screen

8) After 100% the following window will come.

9) Click Close.

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