Saturday, September 26, 2015

Error:A system error has occurred. Contact the Oracle Identity Manager System Administrator after enabling LDAP Sync

Sometimes after enabling LDAP Sync in OIM we get error while creating user or editing the IT Resource. The reason for this error is that while configuring LDAP Sync the parameters we have provided doesn't get encrypted. Please follow the steps below to solve this error.

1) Open SQL Developer and make the connection to DEV_OIM Schema.

2) Run the following query:
select svr.svr_name, spd.spd_field_name, svp.svp_key, svp_field_value from svp inner join spd on spd.spd_key = svp.spd_key inner join svr on svr.svr_key = svp.svr_key;
Observe the result of the query and check which of the values are not encrypted.
Directory Server
Admin login
cn=oimLDAP,cn=system ids,dc=your domain,dc=com

Directory Server
Admin Password
Directory Server
Search base
dc=your domain,dc=com
Directory Server
User reservation container
cn=Reserve,dc=your domain,dc=com

3) In my case these are the values that are not encrypted. You please check all the values. Now first we have to make this value as null. But before this take the backup of the table. Run the following query.
create table DEV_OIM.svp_bkp as (select * from DEV_OIM.svp);

4) Now run the query
update svp set svp_field_value=null where svp_field_value like ‘%dc%’;
run the same command for other values also. After running the command make sure you perform the commit also, otherwise the changes will not reflect.

5) we have made some value null.That value we have to provide manually in directory by editing the IT Resource as shown in figure below.

6) Now create the user. It won't show any error.

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