Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Custom UDF Creation on Process Form in OIM 11G R2

Sometimes there is need to add custom field on Process form. This lab explain the steps to create UDF on process form.

Note: In this lab we are going to add Custom UDF on OID Process Form.

1) Login to the OIM sysadmin console by enters URL as http:\\oim-hostname:port\sysadmin

2) Click on Sandboxes  at the right corner. Then click on Create Sandboxes. Give the suitable name and click on Save and Close as shown in figure below.

3) Now Click on Form Designer under Configuration. A Form Designer window will open. In Resource Type search and select OID User. After this click on search. In the Search Result Window the form related to OID will come as shown in figure below.

4) Click on the form name to open it. Click on Create. A new window will come. Select Text and click on ok as shown in figure.

5) A new window will open. Give it suitable name as per your choice and click on Save and Close as shown in figure below.

6) On the right corner click on  Regenerate View. On the confirmation window click OK. A message Successfully regenerated the view for OIDForm  will come.

7) Go to Manage Sandboxes window and select the sand box you have created. Click Publish Sandbox. On the confirmation Window click YES as shown in figure below.

In this way you have created custom UDF on Process Form

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