Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Error: Received exception while creating connection for pool "oimOperationsDB": IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

This Error we get when we start the OIM Server.The result of this error is that though the oim server comes in running state it wont open the console. In order to solve this error perform the below steps

1.       Login to Database using sqlplus command.
2.       Provide username name as sys as sysdba and the password.
3.       Run the query as “show parameters process
4.       Check the value for process. It will be 150 by default. Increase it to 600. For that use the command shown below
5.       alter system set sessions=900 scope=spfile;
6.       alter system set processes=600 scope=spfile;
7.     commit;
8.       Shut down the database instance using “shutdown immediate” command.

9.       Start the database instance using “startup” command.
10.  Start the oim Server and check.

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