Friday, September 18, 2015

OIM 11GR2 PS3 Domain Creation Steps

In this lab we are going to see the steps to Create the domain for OIM 11GR2 PS3. For overview of the steps click here.

Note: Here we are assuming that you have installed the databaseweblogic, SOA, OIM and created the schema by running the RCU. Also java is already installed

Lets see the steps to create the domain.

1) Run the Config.cmd present under "<WLS_HOME>\common\bin" as shown in figure below.

 2) Select “Create a new WebLogic domain” and click Next.

 3) Select Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager-Server, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager-Admin Server" rest will get automatically selected. Click Next.

4) Provide the value for Domain Name and click Next.

5) Provide value for WebLogic Administrator Password and click Next.

6) Select appropriate JDK and select Development Mode and click Next.

7) Select all the schema and provide the required Schema Password, Service, Host Name and click Next.

8) On All Test Success, click Next.

9) Select Admin Server and Managed Server option if you want to change any default

10) Provide the Admin Server Name and Port Default Name is AdminServer and default port is 7001
Click Next.

11) Make the note of the port numbers for reference and Click Next.

12) Click Next.

13) Click Next.

14) Add all the servers towards right side by using the arrow key.

15) Click Create.

16) Uncheck start admin server and click Done.

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