Friday, September 4, 2015

Configuration of Oracle HTTP Server (OHS )

Configure Oracle HTTP Server(OHS) and Web cache

Steps to Install OHS ?
Install Oracle HTTP Server and Web Cache

Step 1)Navigate to <OHS_HOME/bin
 $cd  /u02/app/middlewareiam/Oracle_WT/bin
Execute $. /

The Welcome Screen will be displayed. Click on Next to continue.

Step 2) Select  'Oracle HTTP Server' and 'Oracle Web Cache'
Select 'Associate Selected Components with Weblogic Domain' to check status of OHS and Webcache in Enterprise Manager console associated with Admin server of domain.
Click Next.

Step 3)Enter Domain details with which you want to associate your ohs and web cache server.
Domain Host=http://testdomain
Domain Port No=7001
Password=password for weblogic user


Step 4)Provide the Instance Home Location , OHS Instance Name and OHS Component name and Web Cache component name. Click on Next to continue.


Step 5)Specify Web cache Administrator Password


Step 6)Select radio button Auto Port Configuration and click Next


Step 7) Act as per business requirements.


Step 8) Review the configuration summary and click on Configure.


Step 9) Click on Next once after the configuration is completed.