Friday, September 11, 2015

Install and configure Webgate with OHS

In this post we shall see installation and configuration of  OAM 11g R2 WebGate on a preinstalled OHS instance

OHS Install Steps
OHS Config Steps

Install an OAM 11g WebGate

Step 1) Download required binaries and unzip it.
Extract and run the installer

Step 2) Execute below command from Disk1
 "./runInstaller –jreLoc $JDK_HOME"

Step 3) Click Next

Step 4) Select the radio button ‘Skip Software Update’ and click on Next. 

Step 5) All the Prerequisites will be validated . If all the prerequisites are met then click Next. In case of error please correct it. 


 Step 6) Oracle Middleware Home=Location where binaries will be installed
             Oracle Home Directory=Name for Webgate Home


Step 7) Verify everything and click Install.


Step 8) Check Progress bar and click Finish once installation completes 100%


 Create an OAM 11g WebGate Instance in OHS Home :

Step 1) Navigate to below directory
cd $MW_HOME/Oracle_OAMWebGate1/webgate/ohs/tools/deployWebGate
Step 2) Run the following command:
./ -w
$OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1 -oh
-w flag indicates the OHS instance folder.
-oh indicates the WebGate Oracle home.


Copying files from WebGate Oracle Home to WebGate Instance directory
-->This command creates a webgate directory in
$OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1 and copies the configuration
files (shown below) necessary for the WebGat.

1) $OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1/webgate/tools/openssl/
simpleCA (cacert.pem and cakey.pem)

2) $OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1/webgate/config
(oblog_config_wg.xml) directories. 

Configure the OAM 11g WebGate:

Step 1) Export  the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to include ohs_home/lib:

Step 2) Navigate to the $MW_HOME/Oracle_OAMWebGate1/webgate/ohs/tools/setup/InstallTools directory.

Step 3) Run the following command:

./EditHttpConf -w $OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1
-w flag indicates the OHS instance folder.


The web server configuration file was successfully updated
$OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1/httpd.conf has been backed up as

Verify that $OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1 has below files:
->httpd.conf.ORIG (backup file)
->httpd.conf .

The last line in httpd.conf should be:
include "/OHS_HOME/instances/$INSTANCE_NAME/config/OHS/ohs1/webgate.conf "

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