Friday, September 4, 2015

Error: Login to OIM console gives invalid sign in

Sometimes when we tried to login to OIM Console it gives error as "invalid sign in". The same situation may arise when you upgrade oim by applying the patch. Follow the steps given below to solve the above problem.

1. Log in to the Weblogic admin console and navigate to
"Security Realms -> myrealm -> Users and Groups".
Add the user "xelsysadm" and assign a password as per your choice.

2. Navigate to the Providers tab in the myrealm screen. Add a new Provider of type "OIMSignatureAuthenticator". Set the control flag for this provider to SUFFICIENT. Re-order the providers to move the new signature authenticator above the OIMAuthenticationProvider.

3. Restart Admin and managed servers.

After restart, Now try to log in to OIM as xelsysadm using the password assigned in the Weblogic console.

4. Once logged in to OIM as xelsysadm, click the "My Information" link and change the xelsysadm password. Here the Old Password will be the password that was assigned in the Weblogic console.This will update the password in the OIM DB. After changing the password, Sign Out.

5. Now again login to Weblogic admin console, navigate to
Security Realms -> myrealm -> Providers.Re-order the providers moving OIMAuthenticationProvider above OIMSignatureProvider. Click on OIMSignatureProvider and set the control flag to "OPTIONAL".

6. Activate the changes and restart the Admin and managed servers.

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