Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SOA Errors While Installing OIM 11G R2 PS1

The Following are common SOA errors while installing OIM 11G R2 PS1:

1) INST-6192: Unable to connect to SOA Managed Server

In OIM 11g R2 while configuring OIM, SOA server should be up and running. To resolve below error start SOA managed server.

Error 2: 

While configuring OIM configuration following error may be experienced:

INST-6193: The attribute JpsContextName in MBean, name=ServerConfig, type=SDPMessagingServerConfig,Application=usermessagingserver not found. 

Check the SOA version comparability. 

This error occurs because SOA server need to be applied with some patches. Following patches need to be applied:

Refer to following link to know how to apply patches:

Note: No need to install all patches and some patches below are dependency patches, even if you install one patch it allows OIM configuration. 


Thanks !!


  1. Chinni, thank you for your post. Unfortunately I am stuck and cannot get past the INST-6193 error. I need only OIM, so no JDeveloper and other amenities.

    Only 4 patches suggested by Oracle documentation apply to SOA. I applied all 4 of them, still goes in error. I applied other patches that go to oracle_common, still goes in error.

    Oracle support lists other SOA patches, more recent, which remove these interim patches: still no solution.

    All my downloads are from June 28th 2013. Do you remember exactly which patches you have applied?

    Thank You!

  2. Hi Paolo,

    I applied only following patches.


    OIM dont verify if you have applied all patches are not. It just verified if you have applied any patch or not. Just apply these patches and let me know if you still face any issue.


  3. That's interesting. I applied those 3 patches +1 (see lsinventory output here , it shows patches were applied) and still get the INST-6193.

    RCU is from V37476-01
    OIM is from V37472-01
    SOA is from V29672-01

    Java is Oracle JRockit(R) (build R28.2.4-14-151097-1.6.0_33-20120618-1634-linux-x86_64, compiled mode)

    Weblogic is 10.3.6, all residing on the same machine.

    RDBMS is Oracle

    I followed . Cannot get past step 14, OIM configuration with this INST-6193 error.

    I even tried configuring OIM after each patch. Error. Clean up everything (DB included), install all patches, configure security store, start Admin+SOA, configure OIM. Error. I ran out of ideas.


  4. Hi Paolo,

    Have you trying restarting configuration? And also can you send me errors in log file

  5. To make a long story short, the ORACLE_HOME environment variable must be pointing to the OIM Home (/my/path/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1 for example) when launching

    I was using the same shell to launch all installation process and it was left pointing to the SOA home directory, hence OIM's failing.

    Apparently the official documentation does not mention a ORACLE_HOME requirement.

    Thank you VERY MUCH for your help, time and blog.

  6. Great!! You are Welcome

  7. All are the good post. Please update the data for creating the approval policy through SOA composite.

  8. Thank you Singh..

    Will try to post that.. :)

  9. Very helpful post. I got the same error and resolved it by applying below patches


    Thanks Chinni !!!

  10. You are Welcome Aakash :)

  11. Hi I am getting the same error...... i applied the 14196234(requires this 14082705 patch). and after that i tried to configure ......... but no luck......

    and also i am trying to apply 13973356 patch... but it is conflict to 14082705 patch.. any idea... how do i resolve this issue......

    thanks for help...

  12. First apply what ever patches that don't have any dependency.

  13. Hi Raviteja,

    Thanks a ton for the solution. I currently don't have the support Identifier to download the patches. I would be more thankful to you if you could share those patches with me. Am installing in my PC in OEL 6.4 environment.
    Thanks in advance. Will be eagerly waiting for your support.


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