Thursday, March 7, 2013

OIM 11g R2: Sample Code for Custom Schedule Task along with xml

Below is the sample code for Scheduler which prints "Running the OIM Sample Scheduled Task..." in OIM Domain log file when ever it get executed. Print statement inside execute method need be replaced with business logic for performing other tasks.

plugin.xml (This needs to be zipped along with Lib(which contains schedule task jar file))

OIMSampleScheduledTask.xml (Need to be placed in MDS export db folder)


  1. Thanks for your post.
    where I will be able to see the output.
    System.out.println("Running the OIM Sample Scheduled Task...");

  2. Hi Man,

    You will be able see in OIM managed server log. :)

    Thanks You..

  3. Hi,

    There is no link to download the code, has it been removed ??

  4. Hi Tom,

    It takes some time to load. Try in different browser (mozilla). you can just copy code..



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