Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disabling LDAP Synchronization

To disable the LDAP Sync perform the following steps

1) Edit ""  file present at "<Middleware_home>/Oracle_IDM1/server/bin" .

2) Change the following parameters:

Note: Make sure you do not have given any unnecessary spaces

3) Save the file and run "setWLSEnv.bat" located at "<doamin_home>/bin" .

4) Now the next step is to run the "weblogicDeletemetada.bat" . For this open the command prompt and navigate to path "<OIM_HOME>/server/bin" .

Note: Before running this command make sure that weblogic and oim servers are up.

Enter the following details
User name=weblogic
password=your password to connect to weblogic server
as shown in figure below

5) Restart all the server. Now create user and check. It wont go to LDAP Directly.

6) Login to Oracle Identity Manager Administrative and User Console with administrator credentials and disable the following schedule jobs
LDAPSync Post Enable Provision Users to LDAP
LDAPSync Post Enable Provision Roles to LDAP
LDAPSync Post Enable Provision Role Memberships to LDAP
LDAPSync Post Enable Provision Role Hierarchy to LDAP

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