Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sailpoint 7.0 Installation & Configuration

In this post we are going to cover how to install and configure SailPoint 7.0.

**Stop Apache tomcat Server before making configuration changes.

1) Create a temporary folder called identityiq in C Drive

2)  Copy installable files to C:/identityiq

3) Create identityiq folder in webapps location in Apache tomcat.

4) Copy the war file to identityiq folder in webapps.

5) Unzip the war file using following command.

6) Following are the files that will get extracted from war file.

7) Run the database schema creation file which is under following location:


In my case I am using mysql so I am using create_identityiq_tables-7.0.mysql

8) Go to MySQL workbench and run the file.

9) After running this file database schema gets created with the name identityiq and also tables related to IQ gets created.

By default username and password for the database will be identityiq and identityiq if you don't modify the script.

10)Database schema created also can be verified in sql command line using following command.

11) Test Schema connection before proceeding further.

12) Database connection details need to modified in file which is located under classes folder in WEB-INF

13) It is recommended to use encrypted password as anyone can open file and view the password. To generate encrypted password use the following command.

14) Update the following properties.

15) To configure IQ run the following command and import init.xml

16)  Status after import.

17) Start Apache Tomcat server.

18) Navigate to http://localhost:8080/identityiq/


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