Monday, May 6, 2013

[response] Major code: 3(FatalError) Minor code: 2(NoCode) OAM Test Tool Error in 11gR2

Test Tool Setup:

Navigate to OAM_HOME\oam\server\tester and copy files "nap-api.jar" and "oamtest.jar" into one directory. open the test tool by double clicking on "oamtest.jar"

Error encountered while using OAM Test Tool:

Consider a web site which was protected by OAM using a web gate and you want to verify the correctness of your configurations, you can use OOTB test tool provided by Oracle.

In this post, we are going to test a website
This was hosted on IIS running on port 80

I have listed the specs in the test tool as follows and encountered this error while validating the Resource URI

Error:  [response] Major code: 3(FatalError) Minor code: 2(NoCode) 
Agent Name:  OAM10gIISWebGate

Removed the port "80" that was specified and try to validate. it worked. Not sure the reason/logic behind this.

Export / Import configurations using Test Tool:

Once you have tested your website, you can save the details you entered as an XML.
Just click on File > Save Configuration and give it a name

you should be able to find the details saved like the below

Observe that the password entered has been encrypted. No clue on which mechanism OAM is using to do this.

Interesting part is, port value has been taken as "0". God knows why the tool has chosen "0" as port number.

Veeru Yads

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