Thursday, May 2, 2013

OAM 11g R2 PS1 & OAM 11g R2: Common Logout URL Configuration

To configure common logout

Common Logout URL: http://oamhost:oamport/oam/server/logout

Welcome page:

  • When user clicks on logout page then all the user browser cookies will be deleted and then it will be redirected to call back url

Logout URL - If this url appears the webgate will delete the webgate cookie i.e. obssocookie in 10g and OAMAuthnCookie in 11g
Callback URL - In 11g by default this will trigger the webgate cookie deletion and display a clock image, you can do other cleanup stuff with this
Redirect URL - OAM Server logout url where the user will be redirected after logout handler is invoked
Target URL - Query parameter where the OAM server will send the user after logout

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