Monday, May 6, 2013

Basics of Identity and Access Management Part 1

Basics of Identity and Access Management.

An identity is the virtual representation of an enterprise resource user including employees,customers,partners and vendors.identity management shows the rights and relationships the user has when interacting with a company's network.

Identity Management enables customers to manage end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources securely.A

Access Management provides web access management including authentication,fine grained authorization,federation and proactive online fraud prevention.

 Benefits of Identity Management:-

Legal Compliance,Improved quality of IT services, Centralized auditing and reporting and Reduce IT operating costs.

Architecture of Oracle identity Manager:

OIM Consists of three tiers

Tier1:Client:The OIM application GUI component reside in this tier.users log in by using the OIM Client.
The OIM client interacts with the OIM server,providing it with the user login credentials.

Tier2:Application server:The second tier implements the business logic,which resides in the java,Data Objects that are managed by the supported J2EE application server.The Java Data Objects implement the business logic of the OIM application,however they are not exposed to any methods from the outsde world.
 To access the business functionality of OIM ,we can use the API layer with in the J2EE infrastructure,which provides the lookup and communication mechanism.

Tier3:Database:This layer that is responsible for managing the storage of data with in the OIM .

Provisioning and Reconciliation process:-

Provisioning is the process by which an action to create,modify  or delete user information in an external resource which is initiated from OIMand passed in to the resource.

Reconciliation:It is the process by which OIM receives information from resources.

Trusted Reconciliation: An External resource functions as an authoritative source,such as an HR system.

Target Reconciliation: Changes made to user access rights on an external resource that is a  non authoritative source are reconciled in to OIM.


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