Thursday, May 2, 2013

ADFC-06002: unhandled exception in OIM 11gR2

We see this exception a lot in OIM 11gR2. below is one of the scenario where i faced this error.

Cause of issue:
1. Create a sandbox
2. Create an App instance or a resource
3. Try to use the newly created resource like assigning it to a user from the catalog.

Interesting part is App instance/ resource should NOT be visible until we publish the sandbox. but somehow you will get to see them in the catalog search without even publishing.

you will encounter this error when you try to request a resource which is just created and sandbox has NOT been published.

Make sure you publish the sandbox before raising any requests from the catalog :)

Veeru Yads


  1. Have a question: why app instance should not be visible until you publish sandbox? I thought this is how sandbox should work.

  2. @ketan, I referred to the app instance availability when you search in the catalog before you publish the sandbox which was built for creating it..

  3. Hi All,

    Is it possible to see only application instance in catalog and not entitlements and role without using Refine Search Option.


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