Monday, May 6, 2013

Load tests using OAM Test Tool Part 2

This post is a continuation of my previous post on performing Load Tests using test tool

Below is the script that was generated based on consolidating 2 cases. Each case hold a different web gate with different target and user credentials.

when i run the script, i have observed that the tool performed tests only on the webgate which was connected.

for example, when i run the below file, i can see only tests performed against "OAM10gApache2WebGate" because that is what i was connected initially

Script File:

As per this I have learn that you cannot run load tests on heterogeneous requests. I mean tests on two different webgates at the same time using the same script file.

When i run the script, only case# 2 got executed because it has <host>OAM10gApache2WebGate</host> and that i what exactly i was connected to when i launched the test tool.


Script will generate 3 files. a log file, target.xml and stats.xml

Veeru Yads

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