Monday, May 6, 2013

Modify GTC to add custom UDF

If you have a new UDF on board which needs to be provisioned to OIM using a GTC, I don't think there is any way to modify the existing GTC to add the new attribute and map it.

we have to create a new GTC connector and map the attributes from scratch. As per Oracle, this was a bug in 11gR1. seems it was not fixed in R2 also.

Veeru Yads

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  1. hi friend,
    As i am new to this task.... very tough one... could you plz help me out... as it is very urgent.
    As i am doing this integration for recon users from Micro soft CRM to OIM ps2 with the webservice connector (OOTB), high level steps very good....

    But i need detail document, over this.... i have connector document... but so detail in step by step....

    could you provide me document.... most urgent.


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