Thursday, May 2, 2013

11g R2 PS1:Some Important Queries in OIM and OAM Part 1

To get all user information about users in OIM:

select * from usr;
-------------------------------------------------------------------To View plugins in OIM:

select * from plugins; 

To know Policy , Session, stsblob and Password policy versions in OIM:

select * from oam_version;


policy                  OAM Policy Store
session                  OAM Session Store
stsblob                  OSTS Blob Store
Password policy OAM Password policy

To check OAM Session:

select * from oam_session
To view challenge question in OAM:

select * from challenge_policy;
To know password details (policy) in OAM:

select * from pwr;

To know entire versions, patches and other details of OIM:

 select * from xsd;

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