Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Generic Web services Connector for OIM

What is Web service:

Web services are web API which are exposed by certain web applications to enable interoperability with their application. The operations exposed by them can be invoked by any system and the entire interactions as be done by SOAP protocol.

SOAP -Simple Object Access Protocol.

  • It's a Communication Protocol.
  • It  Communicates between different application.
  • It is platform and Language independent.
  • It Communicates via internet.

Webservices Connector Role:

This Connector will play a vital role in achieving integration with many established products that expose web service or any custom in house web service applications and it provides generic infrastructure where customers can connect to any web services end point for Provisioning and Reconciliation of the Accounts.

Connector Architecture:

The Target Application is the Web service End point, and SOA Composite is used to bind and invoke operations on the target webservice.SOA invokes all the operations from the target.
SOA composite is wired to web service client  which is connector web services endpoint, that exposes the  operations which are corresponding to  the ICF operations like Create, Delete, Update and Search etc; So when we have target  application which exposes its web service it has Operations Similar to the above operations with its own input and output convention.

The Web service Connector is responsible for invoking the operations on the SOA stubs that are generated by the Connector  Web services Client with the Specific Input Structure, which in turn triggers the BPEL process for the Specific Type of Operation on the Target system.

Once the Operations are invoked the Output is Passed back to SOA Composite, which optionally make use of XLST transform the payload for which the ICF can understand.

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