Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OIM Integration with SOA Composite and Web Services Connector:

As the Webservice Connector is  a Generic Connector, it is wired to specific Target Webservice.The Connector Package will Contain set of Templates and build utility script which will generate OIM Artifacts specific to web service to which we can connect to from the set of template that are available in the Connector.This Utility also capable of generating SOA Composite which is used to wired to the target.

High Level Steps :

1)Build the Connector:
Build the Connector From the Connector Default folder and unzip the Connector where we will see the build scripts  and the  set of templates in Templates folder.

Run the Command with the  two arguments Long and short Descriptive Code. "Long" "Short Descriptive Code"  "CLOUDCRM""CCRM"  like which web service we want to Connect to. Once this is Run Webservice Connector zip is generated.

2)Open the SOA Composite in Jdeveloper: Once the build is finish ,the SOA Composite will be generated in the /connectorDefaultDirectory/WSConnector(folder)/soa/project open it in the Jdeveloper and wire them with the target application webservice.

3)Configure the SOA Composite:  Configure SOA Process and BPEL, specify the partnerlink details for the specific target webservices and invoking the operation on the target ,mapping variables. Assigning the Connector input end point to the input of the target web services operations.

4)Deploy the Composite: Build the project and see there are no compilations error. Deploy the Ready Composite on to the SOA server and trace the deployment progress on the logs.

Test the composite in the EM Console  and test the Webservice.

5)Install the Connector: Install the connector  in the OIM.

6)Create the IT Resource: Create the IT Resource and Configure all the required parameters.

7)Test the User for Provisioning: Provision the Accounts  to the target web service from OIM.

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