Monday, May 6, 2013

Load tests using OAM Test Tool Part 1

In my previous post , I have explained on how to setup OAM test tool and export your test configs. In this post, we will try to create a script and automate the process to perform load tests.

Steps to create and execute the Script:

1. Launch the OAM Test Tool
2. Click on File > Open Configuration
3. Select the file "arjuna_site" which was created in my previous post
4. Click on "Connect", "Validate" and "Authenticate" and make sure that the result was successful

5. Click on "Test > Capture Last Request"

Observe the below test in the result pane [info] Captured 'AUTHENTICATE : YES'

6. Click on "Test > Generate Script" and give a name to the script file

7. Do you want to clear the test case queue ? YES

8. Open the Script file that was just saved and edit the parameters such as 'numiterations', 'numthreads' etc

9. Click on "Test > Run Script" and load the file just saved and run it

You will see the results as below

we will try to consolidate a couple of cases in one script and run on the target system in the next post

Veeru Yads

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