Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OAM 11g R2 PS1: Oracle DB User Management Connector User Provisioning and Schedule Tasks

Install Oracle DB User Management Connector (version: using Manager Connector in SysAdmin Console.

Create IT Resource/Modify Oracle DB it resource.

Create stand box and Create Application Instance:

Publish Sandbox

To get Tables Spaces from Oracle Database Run DBUM Oracle Tablespaces Lookup Reconciliation

Check out lookup:

To get Temporary Table spaces run schedule job: DBUM Oracle Temporary Tablespaces Lookup Reconciliation

Check out Temp Table space Lookup:

To Get Privileges from Oracle DB run the following schedule job: DBUM Oracle Privileges Lookup Reconciliation

check  Look Up: 

To bring profiles from Oracle DB run the schedule job: DBUM Oracle Profile Lookup Reconciliation

check Lookup:

To bring roles from Oracle DB run following Recon: DBUM Oracle Roles Lookup Reconciliation

Role Lookup:


Login to Identity Console --> Select User --> Click on Accounts --> Request Accounts

while creating user
org.identityconnectors.framework.common.exceptions.ConnectorException: Parameter passed contains reserved keywords. Can not proceed with the operation
        at org.identityconnectors.dbum.utils.Utils$2.access(Utils.java:748)
        at org.identityconnectors.common.security.GuardedString.access(GuardedString.java:105)
        at org.identityconnectors.dbum.utils.Utils.performReservedKeywordsCheck(Utils.java:744)
        at org.identityconnectors.dbum.utils.Utils.securityValidation(Utils.java:721)
        at org.identityconnectors.dbum.DBUMConnector.create(DBUMConnector.java:117)

Try changing password: I have provided Password123 which was not accepted. 

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  1. I provisioning one Oracle Database with DBUM connector but i need provisioning more than one DB... I create others IT Resource, forms and Instance App for this Resources... The Lookups execute OK but I cant provisioning others DB... For example, the Roles are the same for the 1st IT Resoure. Can i help whit this problem? Whats steps I do for this requeriment? Thanks!


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