Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pre-Requisite before installing OAM and OIM in 11G R2 PS3

In this lab we are going to see the pre-requisite checks needs to performed before installing OIM and OAM in 11G R2 PS3.

1) Verify Kernel Parameters
2) Verify OS Packages
3) Verify Database requirement
4) Creating the repository

Verify Kernel Parameters:-
soft nproc should be set to minimum 4096. If it is not set, then login as root and set the value of soft nproc to 4096 in the file /etc/security/limits.d/90-nproc.conf.

Verify OS Packages:-

Following packages needs to be installed on Linux machine

To install the package login as root and use the command "yum install <package_name>"

Verify Database Requirement:-

  • open_cursors parameter should be set to at least 1600.
  • session_max_open_files parameter should be at least 50.
  • XATRANS view must be enabled on OIM Database.
  • ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID will need to be set before connecting to the database.
1) Verify if database initialization parameter ‘Open_Cursors’ is set to a minimum of 1600. This parameter can be checked by
> cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
> ./sqlplus / as sysdba

2) Once on the SQL prompt, use
SQL> show parameter open_cursors
If the value of ‘Open_Cursors’ is less than 1600, it can be increased by below command.
SQL> alter system set open_cursors=1600 scope=both;
SQL> show parameter session_max_open_files;

3) If the value of session_max_open_files’ is less than 50, it can be increased by below command
SQL> alter system set session_max_open_files =50 scope=both;

4) Restart the database.

Creating the repository:-

The lifecycle repository contains the lifecycle management tools, such as the OIM, OAM deployment and patching tools. It will also contains a software repository which includes the software to be installed as well as any patches to be applied 
> mkdir –p /u01/lcmrepository/installers

Copying the software's to required location:-

Unzip all the contents of the downloaded Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment Repository 11g R2 ( software and copy the contents in the installers folder created above.  Ensure the linux user installing LCM softwares has the permissions on the installers folder.

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