Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oracle Access Manager Upgrade from to - Part 4

Upgrade OAM Binaries and Schema:

Upgrade OAM Binaries:

Step 1) Download Patch 20996201 from metalink.

Step 2) Unzip the patch.

Step 3) Execute below command from Disk1
./runInstaller -jreLoc <<Locztion of java>>

Step 4) On Welcome screen , click Next.


Step 5) Select radio button Skip Software Updates and click Next.


Step 6) Make sure it passes all Prerequisite checks and click Next.


Step 7) Specify middleware location and OAM home  name that you wish to upgrade and click Next
Oracle Middleware Home=$MW_HOME
Oracle Home Directory= Oracle_IDM1(by default)


Step 8) Click Yes to confirm with upgrade.


Step 9) Confirm everything and click Install


Step 10) Click Finish once installation completes 100%.

Step 11) Apply  OAM Patch 21869176 as per READ ME of patch to bring OAM to Version.
Note : Do not start Admin & Manage server after applying patch.

Upgrade OAM Schema:

1) Oracle Access Management includes Oracle Mobile Security Manager (OMSM), which is a component of Oracle Mobile Security Suite (OMSS)
The OMSM schema must be created for the upgrade, even if OMSS will not be configured after upgrade.
This task is performed using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) version

2) Upgrade OAM schema to (XXX_OAM,XXX_OPSS,XXX_IAU,XXX_MDS)
Note: you must run the PSA twice, once to upgrade the OAM/OPSS/IAU schemas and a second time to upgrade the MDS schema. 
Step 1) Navigate to <MW_HOME>/oracle_common/bin/ and execute ./psa and click Next on Welcome Screen.


Step 2) Select below components and click Next.


Step 3) Click Next


Step 4) Enter Connection Details for XXX_IAU schema


Step 5) Repeat above steps for XXX_OAM and XXX_OPSS schema.

Step 6) Confirm everything and click Upgrade.

Step 7) Click Next once everything is successful.

Step 8)  Repeat all above steps to upgrade schema for XXX_MDS

Step 9) Login to database and confirm schemas have been upgraded with below command.
"select owner,version,status,upgraded from schema_version_registry"

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