Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oracle Access Manager Upgrade from to - Part1



1) It is always good practice to take backup of existing binaries before starting with any major upgrade.
Please take backup of below mentioned homes. 

MW_HOME directory
Oracle Home (Oracle_IDM) directories inside Middleware Home
Domain Home directory 

Note: It is advisable to take complete backup of mountpoint (ex: /u01) on which OAM(oam_domain) is installed.

2) Please take backup of below mentioned schemas:

OAM schema(XXX_OAM)
MDS schema (XXX_MDS)
Audit schema (if applicable)(XXX_IAU)

3) It is advisable to take complete backup of database along with above schemas.

  1. Backup the software and the database schemas at the same time. Recovering a backup of software along with a backup of the database schemas which has been taken at a different time can cause significant problems. The software and database schema backups should always be in sync.
  2. For clustered installations, the OAM Middleware Home must be backed up on each clustered server.
  3. Validate the backup by doing a test restore before beginning the upgrade to make sure that backup is functioning correctly as expected. 
  4. There is no rollback option for the upgrade. So only option is to revert it to backed up binaries and schema. 

1) IAM 11g2 PS3 ( = Patch 20996201 

2) Latest OAM Bundle Patch = Patch 21869176 

3) Weblogic Server 10.3.6 Generic (64bit) = Patch 13529623  

4) WebLogic Server 10.3.6 Mandatory Patches
  • Patch 18398295-FSG4
  • Patch 14404715-ZARV
  • Patch 16844206-NPM3
  • Patch 13114768-56MM
  • Patch 15865825-CM69
  • Patch 14809365-XA6W
  • Patch 13964737-YVDZ (JSSE patch. Required for WLS 10.3.6 with JDK 7)
  • Patch 14174803-IMWL (JSSE patch. Required for WLS 10.3.6 with JDK 7)
  • Patch 17938462-XECL(Required for WLS 10.3.6 with JDK 7 on Windows)
  • Patch 13351178-VRGR (Recommended)

5) RCU = Patch 20996068

6) JDK = The minimum JDK7 version supported is JDK 1.7.0_80. + 

  1. It is not mandatory to upgrade Oracle Webgate to
  2. If you are upgrading Oracle Webgate to then you need to upgrade Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) to

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