Saturday, October 17, 2015

EM Console slowness issues having SOA Domain


Logging into Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control 11g takes a long time.(approx 8-10mins) having soa server installed in domain.
This is often viewed as slow response time, performance or hanging issues.


Large number of composites deployed on SOA server.


Follow below steps to resolve slowness issue of EM console:


Step 1)Login to EM console with administrator user.

Step 2)Expand SOA-->soainfra

Step 3)Right Click soa_infra-->SOA Administration-->Common Properties and select below
  1. Disabled fetching of instance and fault matrices count.
  2. Restrict display of instance and fault to the last 10 minute.(as per business need)

Note: In case you want fetch instances created prior to 10 min then manually increase the time.
Instances will be reflected on the spot as it doesn’t require any restart to reflect changes.


Step 1)Login to EM console with administrator user. 

Step 2)Navigate to Weblogic Domain-->”Domain Name” 

Step 3)Select System Mbean Browser 

Step 4)Access following AdminServer mBean for setting the cache property.
  • Expand emoms.props -->Server:AdminServer-->Application:em-->Properties--> ( below screenshot)
  • Select Operations Tab
  • Select setProperty and add below 3 properties and click Invoke. 
# Enable caching of Fmw Discovery data and use it for other subsequent users. Values=true/false   Default=false 

# If caching of discovery data is true, this parameter indicates how long the discovery data  from cache should be used before requiring a fresh discovery.
# Time value is in milliseconds.  Default is 7200000 milliseconds.


# If caching of discovery data is true, a user logs in and a discovery session is in progress,  this parameter indicates how long the user can wait for current discovery to complete.
# After this wait time is elapsed and discovery is still not finished:  If there is already data  in cache it will be used, else the user will launch a new discovery session.
# Time value is in milliseconds.  Default is 10000 milliseconds.


Step 5)If new targets are added after enabling discovery cache and new targets are not displayed in fmwc, perform a manual refresh of the Farm to update the discovery cache. 

Performing only FIRST PART will give you performance improvement while logging to em console.
After Performing SECOND PART first time login to EM console after Admin server restart will take time(depends on number of instances) but subsequent login with be considerably faster.

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