Saturday, October 24, 2015

Installation and Configuration of Oracle Inbound Refinery (IBR) server in Windows Env

In this post we shall see installation/configuration of IBR server in Windows Environment.

Step 1) Install Java "java1.7.0_25"

Step 2) Install Weblogic Server 10.3.6

Install Oracle Inbound Refinery:

Create a .bat file with below content
Create bat file as follow
C:\Softwares\ofm_wcc_generic_11.\Disk1\setup.exe -jreLoc C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.7.0_25

Step 1) Open this .bat file

Step 2) On Welcome Screen click Next.

Step 3) Select  radio button Skip Software Updates and click Next.

Step 4) Make sure it passes all per-requisites check. Once done click Next

Step 5) Specify middleware location and oracle home directory and click Next
Oracle Middleware Home= $MW_HOME
Oracle Home Directory= Oracle_ECM1(by default)

Step 6) Select Weblogic Server and click Next.

Step 7) Click Finish Once installation completes 100%.

Configure Oracle Inbound Refinery:

Start with Configuration of IBR /creation of domain 

Step 1) Click Start->Program->oracle_ecm directory->start configuration

Step 2) Click radio button Create a new WebLogic domain and click Next

Step 3) Select below three check boxes and click Next

Note : Installing/configuring only Oracle Inbound Refinery (IBR) doesn't need database or creation of schema.

Step 4) Click Next

Step 5) Select Domain Mode and JDK Home and click Next

Step 6) Select Administration Server and Managed Server ,Cluster and Machines for configuring.

Step 7) Enter  Admin Server Name and Port Number to be used by Admin Server.

Note : Make sure that port is free.

Step 8) Click Next.

Note : Default Port number for IBR is 16250. In case you want to use different port then enter new Port number.(Make sure port is free)

Step 9) Click Next and Finish configuration of IBR Server. 

Step 10) Start Admin Server and IBR Server as below:


$./startManageWebLogic.cmd IBR_server1

Note : Please set environment variables before starting Admin/IBR Server
Set PATH=C:\Windows\System32

Step 11) Check below URL


 In case of any issues then comment it or mail me

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