Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Policy Server Limitations 12.0

Here I am going to post about policy server limitations in R12.0.

1) Error Changing Long Password(160 UTF8 octets) When Password Services is Enabled 

2) Leading Spaces in User Password May Not Be Accepted

3) Handshake Errors with Shared Secret Rollover Enabled

4)Policy Servers Sharing Policy Store Not Updated Consistently -> Need to change registry value
SiteMinder\CurrentVersion\ObjectStore Key: ServerCommandTimeDelay to 10

5) Certain User Name Characters Cause Authenticating or Authorizing Problems 

Example : 
  • use&r1
  • use*r2
  • use\r3
  • use\\r4
6) Policy Server Does Not Support Roll Over of Radius Log 

7) The copy option is not available for the so many  objects.

Source: Bookshelf

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