Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Import Audit Logs/Access from Text Files to ODBC

When we installed Siteminder, usually it takes some time to configure Database. During that period Audit/Access logs are stored in text file or if we consider other scenario when Database is down then we configure text file for logs.

To import such logs to database when it is ready we can use Siteminder Tool called "smauditimport" which is located in /bin of Policy server.

Things that need to be verified before running this command: 

  1. Need to verify if port is open from Policy server to database
  2. Create Data Source in policy server and verify connection. 
  3. Make sure that DB user has all the permissions on that schema. 

Options Available for this tool are: (CA Bookshelf)

  • audit_file
    Specifies the path and name of the text file containing the audit data.
    Note:The smauditimport tool requires the full path name of the audit data text file.
  • dsn
    Specifies the Data Source Name (DSN) of the ODBC database.
  • user_name
    Specifies the name of the ODBC database administrator.
  • user_password
    Specifies the password of the ODBC database administrator.
  • -f
    (Optional) When an error occurs while importing audit data, smauditimport logs the row number and continues processing.
    Default:Without the -f option, smauditimport logs the row number, but stops processing when an error occurs.
  • -v
    (Optional) Validates the number of fields in the text file, validates that the values in numeric fields fall within specified ranges, validates the connection to the database, and outputs errors.
    Note:When the smauditimport tool is run in the validation mode, no data is imported into the database.
  • -b bulk_load_size
    (Optional) Specifies the number of rows to read and import into the ODBC database.
    Default: 100
  • -s5 | -s6
    (Optional) Supports an ODBC database configured as an audit store with either 5.x schema or 6.x schema.
    Default: Supports an ODBC database configured as an audit store with 6.x schema

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