Friday, July 6, 2012

Basics about Policy Server and Policy Server Interactions

What is Policy Server and how it works?

Policy server is core and central part of Siteminder, Policy server(PS) makes connection with different components of siteminder. Policy Server directly interacts with:

1) Web Agent
2) Policy Store
3) User Store
4) Application Agent

Web Agent and Application Agent interaction with Policy Server:

  • Webagent connects to Policy server to verify if user is Authenticate and Authorized so that it can respond to the user.
  • Webagent also receives response attribute from Policy server and forwards same to application.

Policy Store interaction with Policy Server:

  • All Policies that are defined in WAMUI/FSS UI are stored in Policy Store. Policy Store directly interacts only with Policy Server.
User Store interaction with Policy Server:
  • Policy server interacts with User Store to validate user credentials(Authentication) and Authorization. User Store only interacts with Policy Server. 

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