Friday, July 13, 2012

DSEE Installation

Following are the basic steps while installing Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition: 

  1. Go to server and Run command prompt as administrator.
  2. Copy the installer to any particular location in server. 
  3. Unzip the installer and navigate to bin folder inside Installer. 
  4. From command prompt run the command "dsccsetup war-file-create"
  5. Which will create war file under Var folder inside installer.
  6. Run the following command in command propet "dsccsetup.exe ads-create" which will create directory server registry.
  7. While creating registry it will ask for password, please enter password and do remember.
  8. Run the following command after creating directory server registry. "dsccsetup.exe cacao-reg" which will  register in cacao agent. 
  9. If you get cacao error, try running command prompt as admin. 
  10. check "dsccsetup.exe status"
  11. Run "cacaoadm.bat status" which gives instance details. 

default instance is DISABLED at system startup.
Current retries count : 0/4
Uptime: 0 day(s), 0:7

 12. Create new instance and enable it. 
 13. To create new instance run "cacaoadm.bat create-instance Ravi_instance"
 14. Keep password in some text file(password.txt) and enable the instance using following command
 15. Run "Cacaoadm.bat enable -i Ravi_instance -f C:\dsee7\password.txt"

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