Monday, July 2, 2012

Webagent Registration With Policy server Part 2

Hi, in this I am going to post steps to Register Webagent with Policy server:

For pre-requisites please refer

Following are few pre-requisites for webagent installations: 

1) Need to get the proper installer from CA website. Take care of version and Type of Webagent.

2) Check CA platform support matrix for minimum requirements for infrastructure (CPU, RAM, Memory etc.,)

Registration Steps:

1) Please go to installation path (Example in Windows:  C:\Program Files\CA\webagent) and run ca-wa-config file.  Select Continue.

2) After that following screen will appear, don't press any thing during this screen. 

3) Select "Yes, I would like to do Host Registration now" and click "Next"

4) Provide Siteminder(Policy Server) Admin Username and password, if you want to Enable Shared secret Rollover check "Enable Shared Secret Rollover" and press Next.

5) Give Trusted host name and Host Configuration Object (which is created in policies) and click next.

6) Provide Hostname / IP Address of Policy server, click Add button and click next.

7)  Select FIPS Compatibility Mode if you are not using any FIPS Compliant Algorithms. 

8) Select path where you want smhost.conf located. 

9) Select Webserver with which you want to register policy server. 

10) Select the website under that webserver which you need siteminder Agent. 

11) Provide ACO name which is already created. 

12) Check the configuration summary before pressing install. If every thing looks good press Install. 

After that verify Smhost.conf file and webagent.conf

Thanks !!

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