Friday, August 10, 2012

Error: login.fcc redirecting to same page after

            After user tries to access protected resource webagent verified if user have valid cookie usually SMSESSION or not if user is having valid cookie or not. If user is not having valid cookie then according to Authentication Scheme configuration webagent throws Login page(login.fcc) to the user. Even after entering valid credentials if still user is getting same login page (login.fcc) then we need to perform following steps:

  1. Verify the flow with HTTP Watch or Firebug or Fiddler, verify at what point it is redirecting to login page and verify that resource in Polices. 
  2. Check the polices that are configured for that particular resource where user is getting redirected to login page
  3. Verify if user moving from one domain to other domain during login, if yes verify ACO settings. 
  4. Verify Policy server access logs if user is getting authenticated/authorized. 
  5. Verify Domain response where is being redirected after login/unauthenticated/unauthorized. 
  6. Verify Webagent and Webagent Trace log if there is any error. 
Hope this helps !! 

Thanks :) 

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