Friday, June 14, 2013

slamd 2.0.1 load generation engine server Installation and Configuration

SLAMD is an open-source tool which has been widely used for benckmarking and performance analysis for directory servers. By default the installable comes with Tomcat. you can deploy the war file if you have an existing web server in your environment.

Below steps will explain on how to setup the default version which comes with Tomcat.

Installation and Configuration steps:

1. Download the installable from or  it is just a zip distribution.

2. Unzip the file and Navigate to C:\Users\veeru\Desktop\slamd\tools

3. Open "set-java-home.bat" and configure JAVA_HOME here. Remember that this tool expects to define    the JAVA_HOME up till the java.exe. For example if your java.exe is located at "C:\Oracle\jdk1.6.0_43\bin" , then edit the file "set-java-home.bat"  as shown below

4. Once you have JAVA_HOME setup, Navigate to bin folder and launch "startup.bat"
    a pop-up command line will be launched as shown below. 

5. Open a browser and hit http://localhost:8080/slamd/ you will see a screen like this

6. The first time the SLAMD administrative interface is accessed, it will be necessary to initialize the database used to store the configuration and job data. This may be accomplished by clicking the "Create Database" button as may be seen below:

7. You will see a confirmation like this.

8. Tool is now setup and ready to use.

We will look at configuring schedule jobs and monitoring in the upcoming posts.

Veeru Yads

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