Thursday, June 6, 2013

OAG Policy Studio Basics

In this post, we will explore some options available in OAG Policy Studio like How to connect to Node Manager, Connect to an OAG Instance etc.

  • Launch Policy Studio
  • Ensure that Node Manager is running. Click on "Connect to Server"

  • Click on "Connect to Server" and provide the appropriate host, port information of your Node Manager

  • Not sure why it asked for a passphrase, No need to give anything here. Just click OK


  • Ensure that the instance you want to connect is up and running.

  • Observe that the instance "APIGateway1" which was created during installation has been listed here. You can create new groups and instances through Policy Studio
  • Double click on the instance"APIGateway1" to connect and open the session 

  • Connection has been established to the Instance. now you can perform all the operations.

Veeru Yads

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