Thursday, June 6, 2013

OAG Installation

Oracle API Gateway (formerly Oracle Enterprise Gateway)  provides DMZ-class security and a comprehensive threat defense system at the service perimeter to Mobile and Cloud environments, thus providing critical protection needed between un-trusted and trusted zones. It secures APIs used and secures web service and SOA implementations. 


Download the installable from here and follow the below step-by-step procedure to install OAG on your server. This is an easy and straight forward install. Make sure the ports that you want to configure are open and available to use and files/folders have the admin rights. you are good to go


  • Navigate to C:\softwares\oim_11gR2\OAG- and run "OAG-" as administrator

  • Pick the location where you want to install it

Thats it.. OAG has been installed and ready to use :)

Browser can be launched by URL

username: admin
password: changeme (this is the default password provided)

Veeru Yads


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