Thursday, June 6, 2013

OAG start / stop commands

My previous post cover the installation steps for OAG. Now its time to start and play around with OAG's components like

  • Node Manager
  • Instances that were created
  • Policy Studio
  • oaganalytics components (if at all configured and being used)

Start Node Manager:

Navigate to C:\Oracle\OAG-\apigateway\Win32\bin and double click on "nodemanager.bat"

Start Instance:

Navigate to C:\Oracle\OAG-\apigateway\Win32\bin and run the below command

  > startinstance -n "APIGateway1" -g "APIGroup1"

Here, APIGateway1 and APIGroup1 are the instance name and group name that i have defined during installation.

On windows, if you have configured to have the instance listed as a Windows service during installation, you can go to services and start the same.

Start Policy Studio:

Navigate to C:\Oracle\OAG-\oagpolicystudio and run "policystudio.exe"
you will get a console like this

we will talk about some configurations using Policy Studio in the next post.

Veeru Yads

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