Friday, May 1, 2015

Configuring DataSoures,Scheduling the Reports in Oracle BI Publisher

To Access BI Publisher ,please use the below link

Login with Admin User  Credentials

After Login

Click Administration tab on the Top Right hand Corner to Configure Administration Activities

Click the Connection type in the Data Sources:
 JDBC Connection:

 To Connect to OIM Schema, Configure with the Connectivity Details and Test the Connection for Successful Connectivity

We Can Connect the Same for the SOA Schema.
 Data Source: JNDI Connection
Here we got two Connections, one for OIM Schema and other for SOA Schema.

To Create Data Model:

On the Catalog Page on the Left Pane Click New to See Data Model.

We are Using SQL Query to Create the Data Model.

Click Dataset  and Create the Data Model from one of the option

For Example:
I am using oim_ProdReporting(OIM Data Source)   to pull the users list ,columns needed userlogin ,firstname ,lastname hiredate.

Click Ok  and then Click ViewData and  Click view and do save the Sample Data to generate Sample XML.

Create a Report for the data model .By Clicking on the Top Right hand side.

Click Next and select the Respective Options for the Report template.

Click Next 

Drag and drop on to the Right hand empty space for the Required columns for the Report.

Click Next

And click finish and save the report name to  view Report.


 We can change the format and Colour of the Report ,by clicking the actions button on the right hand top corner,and click edi t report

We can add the new layout  for the report by clicking on the top right hand top corner button.
Click Edit button  to format  the report 

To change font  size ,data formatting highlight the table grid.

To Change Date format, highlight date Column and format the date accordingly

After changes done ,click save and return  to view the Report.

View Report

To schedule the Report ,click action and click Schedule

Click output tab,to configure email addresses of the User.

Click schedule tab to set the Frequency of the Report to generate.                       

Click submit button and specify the report job name.

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