Friday, May 22, 2015

Upgrade of OIM 11gR2PS2 to 11gR2PS3

Pre-Requistes for Upgrade from OIM11gR2PS2 to OIM11gR2PS3


Highlevel steps:

1)Verifying System Requirments,Certification
2)Backing up Environments
3)Database Backup
4)Required softwares:

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g SOA Suite Version from Oracle e  delivery)
  • Repository Creation Utility for the BI Schema
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management binaries
  • OIMupgrade  Script to run offline and online
  • Post Upgrade tasks 
  • Enabling Inbuilt BI Managed server

Run the SOA  Installer

Click Yes to Upgrade

To upgrade SOA schema,Run the Patch set Assitant from the MiddlewareHome/Oracle_SOA1/bin

Click Oracle SOA checkbox

Run the RCU for the BI Schema only,dont check any other schema's.

Run the installation of Oracle Identity and Access Managment binaries .

Click yes to upgrade the existing OIM Home

Upgrade the schema by running the Patch Set Assistant from the

Click Oracle Identity Manager checkbox

Please verify the schema versions from the given below command

Upgrade OPSS
 Run the wlst comman from the following location



Before Running the OIMUpgrade script offline and online ,update the file with the required details:
Shutdown all servers.
Run the OIMupgrade offline script from the OracleIDMHome/server/bin
./ offline

Start Admin server and SOA server and run the OIMupgrade script online .

./ online 

 Start your OIM Managed server to access the New Identity Console

To Enable BI Publisher:
From the Weblogic Console assign the associated machine name to the bi_server1 and start the bi server.


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