Thursday, March 19, 2015

Create Users in Weblogic to Access Oracle BI Publisher

To Configure Users in Weblogic Admin server to Access the Oracle BI Publisher:

Access the weblogic using http://localhost:7001/console
with Username and Password

From the Left Pane Navigate to Security Realm under Domain Structure.

Click myrealm to get in to the properties tab.

Click UserandGroups tab under myrealm settings

Under Users Click Create User

Give the details under user properties
Description:May be  UserName
Password: Any default password,as it is mandatory field
ConfirmPassword:Re-enter password

Click  OK for save .see the message user created Successfully

Search for the created user and click that user.

 Click the Groups under the settings for the user and add the the BI Consumers from the Parent Group on the left pane to right pane chosen.


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