Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Steps to Apply Patch and remove patch SOA, OIM, OAM

Here are the Steps, How to apply patches in OIM:

1) Download required patch from oracle support

2) Unzip downloaded patch file.

3) Open README.txt file and check while path need to be set for ORACLE_HOME (Example: Usually it will be path of SOA server if you are applying patch for SOA)

In this example I am applying patch for SOA server.

4) Set Environment path C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_SOA1\OPatch (only for SOA, for remaining servers path varies)

5) Navigate to patch exacted folder and run Opatch.bat apply

 6) If it is successful it shows following message.

Remove SOA or OIM or OAM applied Patch: 

1) Repeat above 4 steps.

2) Navigate to patch location and run

Opatch rollback -id PatchID

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