Sunday, April 28, 2013

OAAM 11g R2 PS1 and 11g R2 Default Ports and Configuration

OAAM User Creation:

Before login to OAAM Admin we need to create user in weblogic default LDAP store and we need to add him to OAAM groups:

OAAM Groups:

OAAMCSRGroup - Support Personnel

OAAMCSRManagerGroup - Support Personnel

OAAMInvestigatorGroup - Investigators

OAAMInvestigationManagerGroup - Investigators

OAAMRuleAdministratorGroup - Security Administrators

OAAMEnvAdminGroup - System Administrators

OAAMSOAPServicesGroup - Users are granted this role in order to access the URL: /oaam_server/services

Click on Security Realms --> Click on Users and Groups --> Click New

Provide username and password

Click on Groups --> Add OAAM related groups

Login using created username and password: 

Username: Any name
Password: test

Password should be always test for any user to login

Thanks !!! 

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