Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OAM 11g R2 Lab4: Protecting secure URL and Configuring Logout URL

1) Create Sample HTML Page


2) Place it in OHS Htdocs path:


Htdocs is like root folder for OHS, we can directly access page as localhost:7777/secure.html

3) In our previous lab we have already protected users under 7777/*

4) If you want to confirm with policy login to OAMConsole and verify Resources under Application Domain, below image shows /** is protected Resource.

5) If we observer the code we have configured to go to logout2.html if user clicks on Logout.

6) To make any page as logoutpage we need to make changes in Agent configuration.

go to System Configuration -> Access Manager -> SSOAgents -> OAM Agents -> Open your Agent

7) Add your logout page urls to Logout URL.

8) Access secure URL: localhost:7777/secure.html, you should be redirected to OAM login page and after login you will shown secure.html.

9) Click on Logout and see it should be redirected to login page after logout.

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