Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OAM 11G R2 LAB1: DataSource Creation for AD

In this LAB we are going to see how to create DataSource (User Store) for AD in OAM 11G R2.

1) Login to OAM Console (Example: http://localhost:7001/oamconsole)

2)  Go to System Configuration

3) Click on User Identity Store and select new as shown below. 

4) Should receive empty form as shown below. 

5) Fill in Details as shown below. If you need to provide multiple AD servers separate by space or line (Location) and what ever user name attribute is given it should have some value filled in AD(Atleast for one user) 

6) Click on Test Connection and verify if connection is successfully or not. 

7) Click Apply. 

Thanks !!! 

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