Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OAM 11G R2 Lab 5: Session Management in OAM Console

Session Management is manage sessions for users logged in.

Login to OAMConsole, localhost:7001/oamconsole.

1) Go to System Configuration -> Session Management

2) Open Session Management as shown in the figure 

3) Provide the search details of user id or client IP Address and click search

4) If you want to delete any session select one session and click on delete icon (Cross button with red color).

5) When ever user login, user session will get created. If admin deletes any user session from session manager then user will be throws to login page

Thanks !!! 


  1. Hi Raviteja,

    We are also using OAM 11g and to delete the session, I am using the same process. I have set the user sessions in OAM as 10 and still users are getting "you have reached maximum number of attempts" error when login. Is there any possibility to find the ideal sessions before user come to us and get the alert if they reach near to session limit. Can you please advise if you have any wlst scripts for this ?


  2. Hi Vijay,

    If you don't have hard limit on Max Session count you can increase it, you can make it for example 1000.

    All the sessions are maintained in Oracle DB tables you can write a custom SQL Script to delete older entries but that may delete legitimate entries also if user intentionally logged-in in more than one session.


  3. Hi Ravitheja.

    Thanks for quick reply. We have morethan 100k users. So we can not set that much. I am just thinking about alert when session limit reaches near to max limit. So that we can contact user before he complains.. can you please tell me which database table we can see the session details.?



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