Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OIM 11g R2 Installation Step 5 IDM installation and Configuration

Here are the final images for installation and configuration of OIM 11G R2

Install OIM managed server which downloaded from Oracle Edelivery

Next Step:

After installing OIM go to following path

Example Path: E:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_IDM1\common\bin (in windows)

and Run config.cmd
  • Create new domain and select required Products as shown below, it automatically selects supporting products

  •  Provide appropriate name for your domain

  •  Provide Weblogic username and Password

  •  Select JDK 

  •  Make sure that all status are correct

 Select Administration Server and Managed  Servers, Clusters and Machines (Basic components required)

Provide port number and name for Admin Server

Provide port numbers for Managed servers OIM and SOA (Select SSL only if required)

If required configure Clusters

Provide server Details (Host name and Port number) for node manager

Add all servers to required Machine

Need to configure Security Store using below python command.

 Start Admin server and verify if stated with out any issue.

Run OUI Configuration Wizard as administrator.

Select OIM Server and OIM Design Console (Basic required)

Provide Database details as shown below (provide for MDS Schems also)

OIM password and Key store password must be different.

After completion Start SOA and OIM server one after other as shown below.

Thanks !!!

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  1. Hi,
    You 've done a great job in compiling such a useful Info.

    Could you give your thougths on the Following....

    I 've implemented SSO with Oracle EBS R12. EBS is integrated with OAM-SSO-OID 11g using Accessgate

    Also using LDAP sync feature I 've integrated OIM with same OID successfully which is already integrated with EBS & OAM.

    As I wanna use User provisioning & responsibility assignment via OIM

    so Need to Integrate OIM with OAM.

    Could you tell how it could be done.

    After searching many metalink note and Oracle Docs. like

    I could NOT find any Solution which is fitting this scanrio. Need Your Expert Advise,...

    As to Reemphasize the query.

    In Order to integarate OIM
    with OAM And both the server is already in sync with the Same OID.
    Irrespective of the authorization information

    so how to Integrate them now i mean in this Scenario ?

    Also The Mute Point is for each Partner application like EBS (Plz assume as of now this is the Only Partner application)

    Do i 've to Install EBS Connectore to get It integrated it with OIM in this Scenario ?

    Really Appreciate the Response.



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